• Highly recommend her, she was really great to work with!
    Cambry McNabb is awesome! I cannot say enough good things about her. Cambry helped me with a minor traffic ticket that I had, the whole process was very seamless, and the case was dismissed. Highly recommend her, she was really great to work with!

    - Andrea

  • She knows her way around court.
    Sarah is an Excellent Attorney ..I have used her once before each time the case was dismissed shes fun inteligent and she knows her way around court

    - Former Client

  • If you have her on your side you're good to go!
    Miss McNabb was very helpful assertive and knowledgeable of the law and of the courthouse where my case was being heard she leaves later and all my concerns and fears by listening to me and explaining everything to me in detail what possibly could happen and then afterwards what the results of the case where I would recommend her to anyone for any legal matters if you have her on your side you're good to go! Thank you.

    - Michael

  • Sarah is a really intelligent and great lawyer to work with.
    Sarah is a really intelligent and great lawyer to work with. She made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process and explained to me my options each step of the way. I was involved in a misdemeanor involving a police officer and she was able to defend me and have my case dismissed when we went to court. She really did her research before the case and I felt optimistic the entire way. She is easy to work with and very down to earth. I would highly recommend her.

    - Former Client

  • She's a well rounded, smart and impressive attorney!
    I had the opportunity to have Cambry as my attorney and I must say that not only did she do an outstanding job at handling all of the issues surrounding my case, she also educated me during the process and made sure to keep an open line of communication with me! She's a well rounded, smart and impressive attorney! Surely someone that will handle your case with care!!

    - Marv

  • Sarah Toney - Excellent all around!
    Sarah was recommended to me by a good friend. Sarah defended me on a misdemeanor battery charge. As this was my first time ever being arrested, I had a lot of questions. Sarah was fantastic when it came to responding and answering my questions. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable, she was also great when it came to making herself available for phone calls and immediately responding to emails. Extremely professional, very personable and confident. Sarah was also reassuring throughout the entire process. Sarah won the case for me! I highly recommend Sarah Toney!

    - Former Client

  • A strong defense fighter that will go through the ins and outs with you.
    I can not believe what an outstanding outcome came from McNabb, She did such an amazing job with my case! Even when I had my doubts she assured me with a positive attitude that she had this case in her hands. A strong defense fighter that will go through the ins and outs with you on explaining what she can do to win the case. Please do not hesitate in considering Miss McNabb as your attorney !!

    - Ciera

  • Cambry has the best communication skills for a lawyer I have ever seen.

    First and foremost she signed onto my case while I was in IDOC with just an oral agreement. I wasn't going to hire her because of my situation, but after a show faith such as what Cambry did prelude to the case, I had my dad withdraw all my money from my savings and sent it to Cambry asap. It was a laborious 3-year case for a misdemeanor DUI. But after 100's of conversations with Cambry (which is rare to even talk to your lawyer once when you pay them only) Cambry discovered a flaw in the case that would help in the trial. Hence this was the 6th DUI charge of my life and only been convicted of one Reckless driving in 2006. My license has been suspended 6 times, so I was to get convicted on this case my license would now get revoked for years! Even when the state's attorney at trial one day argued to "bring up new charges" and Cambry was not going for them at all, I even felt sorry for the state's attorney due to the verbal beating from Cambry and no new charges were added. Cambry has the best communication skills for a lawyer I have ever seen, she actually works on your case and researches the case law and shows you literature, she's on time for courts and most of all, she was 100% honest with me the whole time. I'm just waiting for there to be McNabb Lawfirm because she is a monster in the making. Good luck Cambry!

    - Andrew

  • I can’t stop and won’t stop thanking her.
    Got me off 2 cases! no jail time on a revoked license.  This beautiful woman said she had a plan and we went with it.  If it wasn’t for her and her plan I would be in jail away from my kids.  It was a dark rainy day and she made my day beautiful nice and sunny like her. I can’t stop and won’t stop thanking her.  Thank you thank you, thank you, thank you, Ms.Cambry McNabb. !!!

    - Gavie

  • Best DUI defense laywer in the city of Chicago.
    I recently was issued a traffic violation by the Chicago Police Department for DUI, My brother who is an outstanding attorney recommended Sarah Toney to defend my case. After conferring with Sarah we decided to take my case to trail. That was the best decision I ever made. Sarah was extremely well prepared as was flawless in my defense. She was every very knowledgeable in all facets of the law. Her delivery style to the jury and the command of all the facts was impeccable. After the jury heard both sides of the case, and reviewed all the facts and tapes provided by the arresting officer they went into deliberation. After a relatively short period of deliberation they returned to the court room with a verdict. The verdict was * Not Guilty* I cannot begin to give enough praise to Sarah Toney for the excellent job she did on my case.!! Sarah is by far the best defense attorney you can hire to defend your case. I highly recommend her , and if you decide to utilize her firm and Sarah for your attorney it will be the best legal decision you ever will make. Sincerely, Kenneth "a extremely satisfied client".

    - Kenneth

  • I would definitely recommend her.

    Really was glad to have an understanding lawyer C. McNabb to represent my case. The initial meet and greet with her was very professional and she took notes of everything I presented to her so that she could present and help plead my case in favor of me.

    I would definitely recommend her.

    - Former Client

  • Cambry McNabb presented my case VICTORIOUSLY.

    On April 1, 2016, while driving, I was stopped by Chicago Police officers for what was later stated because of an expired plate as well, I was arrested, which I was informed when in route to the police station, this was due to a Dupage County warrant.

    To begin, I am an excellent driver, the Illinois Secretary of State has even issued me, due to my excellent driving history, a Safe Drivers Award. In 2015, While paying a toll fee in Dupage County, I was asked by a Dupage County officer (who was standing at the toll booth), to pulled over, I was ticketed for as he stated, 'improperly wearing my seat-belt.' The ticket he issued did not have a court date, I was told by the officer, the court date would be mailed, this never came, as well, the date was never posted on the Dupage County Website. As a result, when I was pulled over on April 1, 2016, by the Chicago Police officers Fitzgerald and his partner threatened me by placing their hands on their weapons demanding that I get out of my vehicle. I hand witnessed multiple deaths at the hands of over-zealous officers and I was praying not to be another victim. I complied and was placed in handcuffs, transported to the police station, fingerprinted, photographed then transported to yet another police station and eventually to the County jailhouse where I was documented as an inmate. For two (2) days I was held in deplorable conditions, belittled by the officers, my flesh was written on by correction officers as though I were in a Nazi camp or a Slave trade.

    Finally, when I was released there were a number of court dates and as a God-Send, I was introduced to Cambry McNabb. I was totally ignorant of the judicial system and had never experienced such harsh treatment. Attorney Cambry began by expressing her compassion and regrets that I had to endure such treatment, she went on to patiently inform me of the process. I was loaded with questions to which she 'listened' and thoroughly answered each. I was completely at ease and self-assured that she was the best-suited attorney who would properly represent me. Her professional and compassionate approach assured me that I was not just a paying opportunity, Cambry and the Law firm were with me each step of the way. The trauma of the entire experience caused me many sleepless nights, however, I am very happy to report that Attorney Cambry McNabb presented my case VICTORIOUSLY before the court and the additional trumped-up charges from the Chicago Police officers were dropped. I am now able to rest and I thank Jehovah God for the courage and wisdom of Attorney Cambry McNabb. May no one ever have a horrific experience as mine, but if anyone does please immediately contact Attorney Cambry McNab for her professional, skilled and genuine concern.

    - La

  • If you are looking for an attorney that will get you results you better contact Attorney Sarah Toney she is outstanding.
    I retained Attorney Toney to represent me in a very unique Formal Hearing with the Secretary of State. This case and situation is 16 years old and was just brought back up and appeared on my record in 4/2015. I had another lawyer prior to Attorney Toney and didn't realize how bad he was until I met and retained Sarah Toney. From the start she proved how valuable a good attorney is when dealing with legal issues and the Secretary of State. She is outstanding and very detailed. She did an outstanding job of working with my treatment provider and making sure all of the paperwork and information for the Secretary of State was well written and in perfect order. She had regular communication with my treatment provided to make sure that the information was flawless. In the actual hearing she made sure that I answered questions correctly and when I was confused and miss spoke she asked follow questions to make sure I gave the Secretary of State the correct answer. If you are looking for an attorney that will get you results you better contact Attorney Sarah Toney she is outstanding. I will recommend her to any of my family and friends that have to deal with getting their license or driving privelages reinstated. I'm overjoyed that I found her!

    - Earnest

  • Sarah Toney is a blessing.
    I was involved in a car accident back in March 2013.I was charged with a DUI along with five other charges. This was by far the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I was at risk of losing my CDL and job which, I have been working at for the past three years. My wife and I have three beautiful kids we both have full time jobs and barely make ends meet. Losing my CDL would have been the worst thing that could happen. I thought that winning the case would've been a longshot, because once I was pulled out of my car I was immediately placed in handcuffs. Then taken to the hospital where the arresting officer made me give blood and urine. Sarah reassured me that she would do everything in her power to save my CDL license and help me keep my job. The case went on for two years but the end result was worth it. On March 2015 all the charges were dropped. My family and I are eternally grateful for Sarah's help.....

    - Hector

  • Now I'm a believer.
    A staunch pessimist, when I was charged with two counts of battery, which I did not commit, I thought my world was over. I was going to lose a 15 year career, my wife and children would be without support, & my good name would be forever tarnished. My wife scoured the internet in search of Chicago's best. Upon crossing Ms. TONEY's page, and without hesitation, she knew she had a winner...a fighter who would see this through to the end and wouldn't settle for anything less than a victory. Sarah put me at ease and didn't hesitate to update me as conditions evolved. Sarah let the dogs out once we took to the floor, the opposition reeled as she took control of the courtroom. She not only was able to get a not guilty for myself, but for my brother as well. The judge saw through the collaboration of the prosecution and announced, " Ms. X, you started a fight, and you lost! Case dismissed". I highly recommend THE TONEY Law Firm for any and all. She is a consummate professional and heroine for justice. HOORAH!

    - Former Client

  • I absolutely could not have done it without you.
    Thank you for your help, I absolutely could not have done it without you. Thanks for your support and calm and encouraging demeanor, you’re the best!!

    - P.H.

  • I am so grateful that I had the support from a great team.
    I am so grateful that I had the support from a great team. This is such a good news for us, now I can get back on being normal and sleep better. I still take this seriously and no matter what I am all for making sure everyone I know is safe. Going through this process has made me think that there are great people out there to support when a friend is in need, and even though I'm a client of yours, I greatly feel that you guys were there as you were part of my family. Thank you and thank you very much for bringing our life back on track and better.

    - S

  • She did an outstanding job.
    "I recently hired Sarah for a D.U.I case. And I have to say she did an outstanding job. Very professional ready to fight your case always. Very impressed with her knowledge. Was ecstatic with the results to my case. Just a Great Job!!!!!”

    - J.A.

  • Your performance in the court room was exceptional.
    Sarah, I wanted to thank you and commend you for doing a flawless & excellent job of defending me at trial yesterday. Your performance in the court room was exceptional and above & beyond the mark of excellence !!! The outcome is reflective of just how well prepared you were and your delivery and conveyance of the facts for the case to the jury was perfect. It really started to sink in on my way home yesterday on the train, I was so thankful to have you representing me. I truly believe you are one of the best lawyers that I have ever been associated with or have seen practice in your field of work. I can't begin to show my appreciation for the hard work and awesome job you did. Thank you very much!!

    - K.J

  • Honest and Hard working.
    I have hired attorney Toney for both of my DUI cases. She was honest and trustworthy from the beginning. Her dedication and thorough communication to the client is above and beyond what other lawyers offer. Ms. Toney's use of sound judgement, hard work ethic, attention to details, and tenacity makes her a force to reckon with in the courtroom.

    - Former Client

  • Great Criminal Defense Lawyer with a great personality!!!
    I hired Sarah Toney to represent me for a class A misdemeanor case in March 2012. Being from Wisconsin, I didn't know an attorney in Chicago. I did a search on Avvo and from all the positive reviews about her on the site I chose her to represent me. Besides having a high degree of integrity and professionalism, Sarah is one of those rare individuals that has an exceptional blend of analytical and interpersonal skills. Her competence and experience are super. On my court date I was nervous. But once Sarah arrived at the court house, I felt much more relaxed and felt everything would work in my favor . She returned my calls in a timely manner. Sarah demonstrated an extraordinary level of reassurance with me, which I greatly appreciate. Sarah did a great job for me. I have absolutely no hesitation in advising you to hire Sarah as your attorney. Thank you Sarah. I really appreciate all that you did for me that day. jon

    - Former Client

  • Great criminal defense lawyer.
    Sarah has been a great support in every way all through the case. The moment I called her till the court date. She is very knowledgeable and very personable. I highly highly recommend her.

    - Former Client

  • Couldn't have done it without her.
    Sarah is a very good attorney. I just beat a DUI case, and couldn't have done it without her.I recommend her, shes's amazing!!

    - Former Client

  • Courteous, Efficient, and Effective.
    Sarah handled my criminal misdemeanor case in August of 2011, and she was fantastic. She answered all my questions quickly, responded to emails or phone calls usually on the same day, and she was very kind and treated me with respect. She called to remind me of the court case dates and times, and followed up to ensure that I was prepared for that day. The outcome was successful for my court case, and I am grateful that I made a point of choosing a lawyer from Avvo.com. Her reputation listed on Avvo was excellent, and her professionalism was absolute. Thanks, Sarah!

    - Former Client

  • Sarah Toney is the BEST!
    First; I would like to thank Sarah Toney (formerly Attorney at Komie and Associates) for representing me in my 2010 Driving under the Influence (DUI) in Cook County. Sarah professionalism and knowledge of judicial system is the best. During my year long court process, Sarah kept me and wife informed on each and every detail on what was happening in court and what can be expected in court. She had it right each and every time. She gave me confidence during each court visit and taught me how to be patient. Her knowledge (Educational background and experience) was and is outstanding! The time spent in consultation after each court visit was very educational. Sarah went over each detail of what happen and why, and what was to be expected at the next court visit. The results......we WON and the DUI was dropped. I highly recommend Sarah Toney, she is the BEST!!

    - Former Client

  • Best possible DUI/criminal defense lawyer.
    Guilty or innocent, you need great defense. Don't let the presumption of innocence create a sense of complacency or righteousness. Most jurors believe there must be a modicum of guilt to bring you to trial in the first place. I have never been on a jury, let alone the plaintiff on trial. I needed a lawyer who is responsive at all times to give me peace of mind. I needed a lawyer who is detailed and passionate about his or her business. I needed a lawyer that I could trust to understand the facts in my case and the legal facts that might affect my case, to build the best possible defense. The truth, in itself, is not enough in our court system. Sarah Toney is that lawyer. Innocent or guilty, Sarah has an incredible knowledge of how the criminal legal system works and understands what juries need to know and understand. While we won my case hands down, the final decision was in the jury’s hands. Win or lose, throughout the trial I had an incredible sense of calm knowing Sarah Toney fought the best possible fight. I was relieved knowing there wasn’t one more thing we could have done.

    - Former Client

  • I'm amazingly satisfied with your services.
    It was a pleasure having you as my attorney. I thank God that it went well for me. I thank you for doing a great job as my attorney and having this case move swiftly with a positive outcome. I'm amazingly satisfied with your services and with that I will recommend you to family, friends, and acquaintances that need help with legal problems. Thank you!

    - C.C.

  • She was honest and trustworthy from the beginning.
    I have hired attorney Toney for both of my DUI cases. She was honest and trustworthy from the beginning. Her dedication and thorough communication to the client is above and beyond what other lawyers offer. Ms. Toney's use of sound judgment, hard work ethic, attention to details, and tenacity makes her a force to reckon with in the courtroom.

    - J.H.

  • Highly recommend Sarah Toney.
    Sarah provided exceptional guidance and peace-of-mind throughout a recent hearing and trial. She kept me well-informed and was always thinking ahead, contemplating every potential scenario.

    - Former Client

  • We could not have won our case if it wasn't for your expertise and professionalism.
    Sarah: Thank you - thank you - thank you!! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your services and talent. We could not have won our case if it wasn't for your expertise and professionalism. You have been a blessing to me and Stacey! Again, Stacey and I would like to say thank you for your services. May God continue to bless you! -E.D.

    - E.D.