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Criminal Defense: Frequently Asked Questions

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If you or a loved one has been arrested, understandably you have questions. The best solution is to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible. Our team at The Toney Law Firm, LLC is here to stand with you, to protect your rights, and to help you face the future with confidence and strength. Nothing is more important at this time than protecting yourself legally. Speak with our Chicago criminal defense lawyer at the earliest time possible for the best chance of a successful outcome.

Below are some of the questions our attorney most often receives. If you have a question that is not covered here, or if you are in need of legal representation following an arrest, please contact The Toney Law Firm, LLC as soon as possible for a free consultation at our Chicago firm.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a criminal defense lawyer guarantee a favorable result?
    There is no way that a criminal defense lawyer can ever guarantee a client any type of result, as this would be unethical. With that said, however, our firm can ensure that dedication and vigorous representation will be provided to all clients in need of assistance for any type of criminal legal matter.
  • What types of legal matters can a defense attorney help me with?
    An attorney from The Toney Law Firm, LLC is prepared to aggressively and effectively defend you in cases such as theft crimes, drug crimes, federal crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, murder/manslaughter, juvenile crimes and burglary/robbery. Our firm is dedicated to protecting the legal rights and interests of clients and aiming to win every case that is possible to be won.
  • Can I hire any lawyer for my criminal legal matter?
    No, there are several different areas of law and not all attorneys practice criminal defense. Those who do specialize in this area may not represent clients in both state and federal level courts. It is important to hire a legal representative that: Has extensive experience in a wide range of criminal legal situations, has extensive trial and litigation experience, can handle state and federal charges, has a proven ability to successfully defend clients in and out of the courtroom, stays up to date and educated on changes to statutes that can affect the rights of Chicago citizens.
  • How soon should I hire a lawyer?
    The faster you get in touch with an attorney, the better your chances of a positive result. While you do have the right to represent yourself, you will be facing an experienced and knowledgeable prosecuting attorney representing the state or federal government. With your future on the line, it's foolish to take your representation lightly. You owe it to yourself and to your reputation to ensure that the strongest possible defense team is on your side.
  • If I am innocent of the crime I am being charged with, do I still need representation?
    Yes. You will need to prove your innocence in a criminal legal matter, and legal representation can greatly increase your chances of properly conveying the true facts.
  • What is a misdemeanor / felony and what are the differences?
    A misdemeanor charge is a "lesser" charge, and is punishable by less than one year in jail. A felony charge is a greater charge and could result in a lengthier sentence with a minimum of one year in jail.
  • The police want me to sign a consent to search — should I do it?
    Absolutely not. Don't sign away your right against unlawful searches / seizures. Speak with an attorney as soon as possible to further protect yourself.
  • What do I do if police or investigators want to question me?
    If law enforcement agents, investigators or even prosecuting attorneys ask you questions, or request that you provide a statement about the circumstances of the alleged crime, it is extremely important that you only provide information with your attorney present. Even if you believe that what you have to say will declare your innocence, in many instances, information you give could wind up damaging your case. As the Miranda Rights and the Fifth Amendment state, you have the right to remain silent and you have the right to an attorney. A lawyer from our firm can protect your rights from the very moment of your arrest.
  • What courthouses do you work in?
    We are based out of Cook County, in downtown Chicago. We cover all of the Chicago misdemeanor, felony and branch courthouses, including Daley Center. We also cover many other counties in Illinois including DuPage County, Kane County, Will County, Lake County and McHenry County. For more details on where we serve and details about each county, please visit here.
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