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The Toney Law Firm, LLC operates on the principle that just because a person was convicted of an earlier DUI does not mean they will have to be found guilty of subsequent charges. A first-time DUI conviction can carry a license revocation of a year, suspension of registration, fines, and possible jail time. With multiple DUI charges, the penalties increase with each conviction, and this is where the use of a skilled and experienced Chicago multiple DUI attorney may greatly assist you or a loved one.

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Understanding the Penalties for Multiple DUIs in Illinois

Facing multiple DUI charges in Illinois can have significant consequences that escalate with each subsequent conviction. Being aware of the potential penalties you may face if convicted of multiple DUI offenses is crucial.

Second DUI Conviction: A second DUI offense in Illinois is considered a misdemeanor. If there are no other aggravated circumstances, the penalties may include the following:

  • Driver's License Revocation: Your driver's license can be revoked, resulting in the loss of your driving privileges.
  • Vehicle Registration Suspension: Your vehicle registration may be suspended, preventing you from legally operating your vehicle.
  • County Jail or Community Service: You may face a minimum of 5 days in the county jail or 240 hours of community service.

Third DUI Conviction: A third DUI offense in Illinois is a serious matter and carries harsher penalties:

  • Felony Classification: A third DUI conviction is typically classified as a felony.
  • Prison Time: You may face a sentence of 3 to 7 years.
  • License Revocation: Your driver's license can be revoked for ten years.
  • Increased Fines: The fines associated with a third DUI conviction are significantly higher than those for prior offenses.
  • Aggravating Circumstances: If you have a child in your vehicle during a third or subsequent DUI conviction, you may face a fine of at least $25,000.

Sixth or Greater DUI Conviction: If you reach a sixth or greater DUI conviction, the penalties become even more severe:

  • Extended Prison Sentence: You may face a prison sentence ranging from 6 to 30 years.
  • Lifetime License Revocation: Your driver's license will be permanently revoked.
  • Enhanced Legal Consequences: With each subsequent conviction, the legal system will likely impose stricter penalties.

When charged with multiple DUI offenses, it is crucial to have a skilled attorney who can vigorously defend your case and strive to achieve the best possible outcome. Attorney Sarah Toney understands the complexities of DUI laws in Illinois and can provide the strong legal representation you need. With Attorney Sarah Toney fighting on your behalf, you can expect dedicated support throughout the resolution of your case. She will carefully analyze the details, challenge evidence if necessary, and work diligently to minimize the potential penalties you may face. Her experience and expertise in DUI defense will give you the best chance of obtaining a favorable outcome.

Challenging Prior DUI Convictions 

If you are facing multiple DUI charges in Illinois, it is essential to explore all possible avenues for defending your case. One potential strategy is to challenge the validity of your prior DUI convictions. By successfully challenging these prior convictions, you can reduce the penalties associated with your current multiple DUI charge. Here are some factors to consider when challenging prior DUI convictions:

  • Procedural Errors: Mistakes or procedural errors made during your previous DUI cases can be grounds for challenging the validity of those convictions. This can include errors in administering field sobriety tests, inaccuracies in breathalyzer or blood test results, or violations of your constitutional rights during the arrest or subsequent proceedings.
  • Breathalyzer Accuracy: Breathalyzer devices used to measure blood alcohol concentration (BAC) are not infallible. Issues such as improper calibration, maintenance, or usage can lead to inaccurate readings. Challenging the accuracy and reliability of breathalyzer results from prior convictions can cast doubt on the validity of those convictions.
  • Field Sobriety Test Reliability: Field sobriety tests, such as the walk-and-turn or one-leg stand tests, are subjective assessments of a person's physical and cognitive abilities. They rely on the judgment of the arresting officer and can be influenced by factors like fatigue, medical conditions, or environmental conditions. Challenging the reliability of these tests can undermine the prosecution's case and call into question the validity of prior DUI convictions.
  • Inadequate Legal Representation: If you did not receive effective legal representation during your previous DUI cases, it may be possible to challenge the validity of your prior convictions based on inadequate counsel. This typically requires demonstrating that your attorney's performance fell below the standard of competent representation and that it had a detrimental impact on the outcome of your case.

Challenging prior DUI convictions can be a complex and intricate process. It requires a thorough examination of the details of your previous cases, including the evidence presented, law enforcement officers' conduct, and the proceedings' overall fairness. Therefore, it is crucial to seek the guidance of an experienced Chicago multiple DUI defense attorney. 

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