New Speed Cameras in Chicago are Almost all Up and Running, and So are the Fines...

After heated debates, new speed cameras at parks, schools and busy intersections in Chicago are up and running. It turns out that just from the first 40 days alone the City could have earned 12.12 million dollars from ticketing violators and requiring fines, the Chicago Sun Times reported. However, during this initial warning phase period no fines were required, but they are coming. That is a lot of money. And a lot of incentive for the City to prosecute all violators of these new traffic cameras.

The 12.2 million dollars reported came from 204,743 tickets issued – in just 40 days. Make no mistake, the City is catching speeders. Soon, more cameras are going up soon in other areas throughout the city.

It is important for all Chicago drivers to be aware of the new cameras. You will be fined if you get a ticket from these cameras, and these costs add up. Fines can range from $35 to $100, depending on how fast you are going over the limit. Those ticketed for speeding in school zones should also be careful because the cameras don't turn off when the school day ends. In fact, they will run from 7 am to 7 pm. One nice thing the city is allegedly doing – drivers ticketed will not be fined for their first ticket from these cameras.

So be careful when driving on the streets. Even if there are no police present to ticket you, there could be a camera.

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