It May Be Easier to Get a DUI Soon

There is a movement going on right now to change the law and make it easier to get arrested for a DUI.

As the Chicago Tribune recently reported, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently made a push to change the law related to DUI arrests. It is seeking to change the legal limit of intoxication from a 0.08 blood alcohol content to a much lower level of 0.05.

If this were to pass, it would be a dramatic change that would impact scores of motorists. It is possible that the days of drinking a beer at a ball game or having a glass of wine at dinner would be over. Certainly, it would be much more complicated to plan a simple night out.

Currently this proposition is just a recommendation, but if it were to get support and gain momentum, it could become law one day. According to the Chicago Tribune, neither Mothers Against Drunk Driving nor the Illinois Secretary of State has come out in support of the change.

Rest assured, The Toney Law Firm is staying up to date on this issue.

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