How Can Things Like This Still Happen?

It was discovered recently that a woman spent 154 days in jail without a hearing or even being brought before the Court. How can this still happen when things are documented and computerized repeatedly?

This individual was issued a bond that required a short hold in the jail while she had a drug evaluation and so she was put in jail. The problem is that she did not receive the evaluation and then was forgotten. What we take as a good sign from this case is that when discovering this individual's situation, a prosecutor immediately moved to have her freed, rather than hide the mistake as many might fear would happen.

This situation reminds us that all court appearances, big and small, are important and should be taken seriously. One small mistake can have big ramifications, even at a small status hearing. You never know what information will come to light that day and what will be disclosed and when to a judge.

Here at The Toney Law Firm we understand the importance of your case and your court appearance. We will walk you through the steps for each court date and will work to make sure you are prepared and treated fairly.

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