Another Crime Lab is found to have contamination, yet the lab and state stand by the results

We have written before how a crime lab has possibly been biased toward finding drug test results for defendants are positive, and yet again we are seeing possible corruption with drug testing done in criminal cases.

It was recently determined in Alaska that the crime lab used by the Alaska State Troopers was basing its drug test results on contaminated specimens of certain narcotics and other drugs. The drug reference standards had certain irregularities. However, even though they have learned of this contamination, the lab, prosecution and the Department of Public Safety there have concluded that the results are still accurate. They claim this even as they are mandating that defendants who had cases involving those specific drugs and standards are made aware of the contamination. Why make someone aware of this contamination if it does not matter?

It seems that they are trying to have their cake and eat it, too. If you make standards for testing, especially when an individual's liberty and life is on the line based on the result of that testing, then you have to take those standards seriously. To have a standard, then find out one aspect of the standard was not maintained, and yet say, oh well it was close enough, does not seem fair.

This specific lab seems to be arguing its standards were more detailed than others, and since the one standard apparently contaminated is one that not every other lab has, then it is ok since they didn't need it in the first place. But the question must be asked, then why have it? You felt it necessary to include it, as a way to ensure the test results were accurate. It seems then that if that standard required was contaminated, it should actually prove that the results are not accurate.

Lawyers in Alaska are currently investigating this and criminal defense attorneys are working to make sure their clients were treated fairly.

The attorneys at the Toney Law Firm take every part of a DUI and criminal arrest seriously, including the parts that take place away from the client, in the crime lab. We make sure your case was handled properly so that the results being used against you are fair and accurate. You deserve that right.

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