Attorney Sarah Toney Attends Intensive DUI of Drugs Class

On January 16 – 18, 2014, attorney Sarah Toney attended the 3-day Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID) training program for lawyers at the Axion Analytical Labs in Chicago. As reported on, the class specializes in the science of testing whether a driver is impaired from the use of drugs or illegal substances, other than alcohol.

In order to attend this technical and intensive program, attendees must have also first taken two previous multi-day training programs, Forensic Chromatography and Forensic Drug Analysis.

Unlike other legal education seminars required by attorneys to take, this course is voluntary and involves hands-on training in a real science lab.

As an attendee of the program, attorney Toney learned how a suspect's drug tests should be analyzed properly and scientifically accurate. This helps her determine whether her clients' blood or urine tests were conducted scientifically and accurately. This specific class was the first of it's kind offered, and attorney Toney is one of twelve graduates to earn the designation as "American Chemical Society Forensic Drug and Alcohol lawyer specialist." (TM)

Ms. Toney took classes in lab screening, extraction, machine calibration, pharmacology and biology as related to drug effects, as well as variety of others. Only a handful of attorneys throughout the country take these courses a year, and each are using what they learn in their practice to help best defend their clients and challenge evidence that is improperly collected as part of an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The attorneys with The Toney Law Firm take all their cases seriously and work hard to defend their clients. Through rigorous scientific classes such as this, attorney Sarah Toney is working to ensure that no evidence is left unchallenged and that her clients charged with a DUI or other criminal charge get the best defense possible.

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