Recent DUI Arrest Sweeps Remind Us It's Never Too Late to Turn Yourself In

If you have had a warrant issued for your arrest, but somehow the police never came to arrest you, don't go thinking that you are in the clear. The warrant is in the system, and the police will come. What you should be aware of, though, is that you do have control over how that arrest is made, including where and when.

We bring this issue up because the Cook County sheriff's office recently conducted a large-scale arrest sweep looking for people who failed to show up to court as required, whether from outstanding warrants or from other court-related mandates. Apparently there were more than 600 individuals who had originally been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) during 2013 but had not appeared in court as required. While the police used this time to try to pick up as many of those offenders as possible, some individuals tried to hide from the police while others were able to turn themselves in once they knew they were being sought.

It is important to know that you can seek an attorney to help you turn yourself in. This provides you with legal representation right away, so you can try to maneuver through the criminal system as easily as possible. Plus, by working with a lawyer you can also help minimize the time you are in custody because the lawyer can prepare you for what to expect and what to have ready.

Don't feel like you are alone and need to either hide from the police, as some did during the sweep, or that you need to be afraid. By taking responsibility and turning yourself in, you can help prevent public embarrassment and more trauma or conflict to your family, as well as your legal situation, by working out with the authorities where and when you will turn yourself in to them.

Remember, if you somehow failed to show up to court or forgot about your court appearance, it is likely there is a warrant out for your arrest. Even if they do not come to arrest you right away, they can come at any time in the future. But you can take responsibility, though, and proactively deal with the situation.

The Toney Law Firm is available should you need help with an arrest warrant, turning yourself in or the handling of your criminal cases.

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