Holiday Checkpoints May Pop Up Around the City

The Illinois Department of Transportation recently offered cash incentives to local police departments to conduct what they call traffic safety campaigns. Some departments are taking them on on this offer, using the extra money to fund the programs.
While families are celebrating the Thanksgiving weekend, the River Grove police are conducting one such traffic safety campaign. This campaign involves two nighttime safety checkpoints as well as one daytime checkpoint. These checkpoints search violations regarding seat belts, driving under the influence, speeding, reckless driving and even improper use of child safety seats. They will continue this campaign until the end of December.
People often find the holidays can be a time when more reckless drivers are on the road, given the race to attend family gathers and also the added use of alcohol at the events, and the police and Illinois Department of Transportation have been working hard during these holidays to prevent accidents before they happen.
So as you celebrate during this upcoming holiday season, be sure to have fun but also drive safely and watch the roads.
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