One Man's Fight Against a Traffic Ticket May Change The Law

A man was stopped in Madison County last year and issued a speeding ticket from a Troy police officer. His challenge to his speeding ticket has remarkably made it to the Illinois Supreme Court.

What makes this ticket so special? Illinois Supreme Court Rule 552 requires a time limit, 48 hours, for an officer to deliver or mail the ticket to the circuit clerk. In this instance, the man learned it took 4 days to be turned in to the clerk's office and he moved to dismiss the ticket and he won. The State's Attorney of Madison County is now challenging that finding, despite already losing at the Appellate Court.

One main reason this case is so interesting and also important is that while it is a challenge over one man's speeding violation, it could actually change the law regarding traffic tickets for everyone. The State's Attorney of Madison County is hoping the law will be interpreted as not a mandatory time limitation. If this is successful, it may make challenging your traffic much more difficult in the future.

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