Attorney Sarah Toney Given Multiple Super Lawyers® Titles for 2019

Attorney Sarah Toney of The Toney Law Firm, LLC in Chicago is known throughout the city for being a trustworthy criminal defense lawyer. She has dedicated her practice to the pursuit of justice for the criminally accused. Through her commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, she has been able to secure an impressive history of case results throughout her years of practice.

Super Lawyers® has recently recognized Attorney Sarah Toney once again for her efforts and accomplishments. She has been given a number of awards, titles, and recognitions from Super Lawyers® in 2019.

Attorney Toney’s 2019 Super Lawyers® recognitions include:

  • Illinois 2019 Super Lawyers® Top 50 Women: A title given to 50 female Super Lawyers® members in Illinois who are considered to stand out even further from all the rest due to professional accomplishments, case results, client testimonials, and more.
  • Top 100 Lawyers in Illinois: A title given to 100 attorneys throughout Illinois that Super Lawyers® considers to be undisputed legal leaders in their practices.
  • Super Lawyers® 2019: Each year, Super Lawyers® looks for outstanding attorneys in all practice areas and all regions across the country. A patented multistep process is used to select annual members.

2019 is not the first year that Attorney Sarah Toney has been recognized by Super Lawyers® for her professionalism and successes. She has actually been chosen to be a Super Lawyers® member for 2015 through 2018 as well, marking 2019 as her fifth consecutive year. She has also been named a Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠ member from 2010 to 2014. Rising Stars℠ members are held to the same strict standards of Super Lawyers® members with the added requirement of being under the age of 40, or having less than 10 years of practice experience.

To learn more about Super Lawyers®, you can click here to view Attorney Sarah Toney’s profile on the official Super Lawyers® website. For help with a criminal defense or DUI case of your own in Chicago, you can contact her firm by dialing (888) 473-4058 and requesting a free consultation.

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