Does a First Offense DUI Go On Your Record?

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For many people, a DUI is a one-time mistake that they will never make again. You may be wondering, does this first and only offense go on your permanent record?

DUI on Illinois Criminal Record

A first offense DUI conviction does appear on a driver’s permanent criminal record. This is one of multiple consequences of a conviction; others may include jail time, fines, license suspension, probation, and more.

Having a DUI on your record, even if it is only one offense, can still have lasting impacts.

  • Employment: Many employers conduct criminal background checks prior to onboarding a new employee. A DUI on your record may lead the employer to pass judgment, or it could even render you ineligible for the job that you applied for.
  • Travel: Did you know that there are some countries that you cannot visit if you have a DUI on your record? Canada is one of them; you cannot enter the country until ten years have passed after your conviction.
  • Insurance: Even just one DUI on your record can cause your auto insurance rates to increase significantly. For some, this cost increase can be unmanageable.

These are just a few of the ways that a DUI on record can impact your future.

Will A First Offense DUI Be Removed from Your Illinois Record?

No, a DUI offense will never automatically be removed from your record. Once you are convicted of DUI, it is a permanent part of your criminal record.

Expungement is only an option if your DUI case was dismissed or you were found not guilty. If you were convicted of the offense, or if you received court supervision, you cannot remove it from your record. This is true for most criminal offenses.

How To Avoid a DUI Conviction in Illinois

The best way to avoid being convicted of any criminal offense is to work on your case with an experienced defense attorney. At The Toney Law Firm, LLC, our practice largely focuses on DUI offenses. We have used numerous creative defense strategies to help our clients avoid the effects of a conviction on their record. To set up a judgment-free case consultation, click here or call us at (888) 473-4058.

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