The Total Cost Of A DUI

Many people may wonder: how much does it cost to be charged with a DUI?

According to the Illinois Secretary of State it's a whopping $16,580. And that's for a simple, uncontested DUI that PLEADS GUILTY. We never advise our clients to plead guilty unless there are extenuating circumstances which justify it. We believe in fighting each and every case and force the State to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Which mean that the Secretary of State's calculation is wrong and in reality it's much higher.

In addition, the Secretary of State's calculation assumes you don't have a complex case. The $16,580 figure doesn't account for the need to hire experts if there is a blood or breath test in your case. The figure also doesn't take into account other costs associated with contesting a DUI like ordering transcripts from the hearings done in your case before it ever reaches trial. These transcripts are essential to have when you go to trial because the same witnesses may testify at trial and we need to make sure their testimony is consistant with what they previously testified to under oath.

So the moral of the story is do not drive under the influence. However, it's not that simple. Often we represent people who were not impaired at the time of driving but unfortunately they are charged anyway. Could you imagine having to pay more than $16,000 to establish your innocence? That's why we are here to help whenever we can, for whatever reason you are charged.

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