Super Bowl No Refusal Weekend

This Super Bowl Sunday Kane County, Illinois will be conducting a drunken driving No Refusal Weekend as reported by the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald. This means that on Sunday, February 5, 2012 if you are stopped for a DUI and refuse to provide a breath or blood sample, the County is prepared to issue a warrant for your blood. This means a prosecutor is on hand ready to draft a search warrant to have your blood taken, a Judge is on call to approve search warrants which establish probable cause to draw blood, and a phlebotomist is ready to draw the blood which is then sent to the crime lab for testing. These test results are admissible in your DUI trial. This is Kane County's 8th No Refusal weekend, and it's first on Super Bowl Sunday.
Keep this in mind when driving around Kane County this weekend and have a fun and safe Super Bowl!

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