Arrested at Lollapalooza?

Were you arrested at Lollapalooza? If so, we are happy to help.

Last year, The Toney Law Firm represented someone who tried to sneak into Lolla and was caught by security and also charged with battery on the security officer as a result. We obtained a not guilty verdict at trial on all counts. That client can now expunge the arrest from his record.

People at Lolla will be charged with trespassing if they illegally try to enter the festival by fence jumping or trying to sneak in. This is a crime and Lolla has a lot of security to make sure that doesn't happen. This year, added measures are in place at the entrances to make sure people don't sneak in.

People have also been charged with trespassing for not leaving the park once the festival is over. There are also drug charges like possession of cannabis that people get charged with if caught with drugs during the festival. While possession of pot is usually just a $250 ticket, Lollapalooza is specifically not included in that law and instead you will be charged with a misdemeanor that could carry jail time.

If you have been arrested at Lollapalooza, please feel free to contact The Toney Law Firm, we'd be happy to talk to you.

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