The Importance of Fighting for Discovery in Cases


It was reported in the news recently that a young daycare worker had spent approximately 6 years in jail for playing a role in the death of a young child while in her care. Part of the reason for her incarceration was medical testimony against the young girl. The issue now, all these years later? The new coroner found an x-Ray the defense was never given a copy of that proves the child actually had a pre-existing medical condition and that the worker did not in fact cause the death. The problem now? Getting the states attorney's office to agree these years later and to release her. The medical examiner is actually leading the fight with her family to get her released.

This unfortunate case reminds us of how important it is before trial to get access to all records that may help someone facing criminal charges. No stone should go unturned. Here at the Toney Firm, we take note of cases like this young girl. We must stay vigilant in our fight for our clients, and this is a reminder of why we fight so hard to obtain all evidence immediately when we take a case. It is why we fight for access to records which at the time may seem unnecessary, because in fact evidence may come to light which proves its importance. This is true for all criminal cases, whether a DUI, battery or any case for which you may have been arrested. You are entitled to all evidence which will help you defend yourself. The Toney Firm lawyers will fight for you, in court and out of court, while we collect all the records which will help your case.

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