Attorney Sarah Toney attends 3-Day DUI Legal Education Seminar

In many cases, the defense of a DUI case involves specialized testimony of doctors, breath lab technicians, phlebotomists, and other blood alcohol experts. It is a complex and arduous task for the defense lawyer to check every piece of evidence presented by the prosecution and to challenge the validity or accuracy of that evidence. But this task is essential to providing the best defense for each and every client.

To best prepare for this task, attorney Sarah Toney, managing attorney of The Toney Law Firm, is constantly expanding her education so she can do just that. She most recently attended a 3-Day seminar in Chicago provided by the DUI Defense Lawyers Association. Ms. Toney is also a Charter member of the DUIDLA Association and on its Board of Directors. Ms. Toney was a speaker at the Association's winter seminar last January in Santa Monica, California.

At the recent summer program, Ms. Toney attended seminars on topics such as how lab discovery can win a case; how to handle a blood case and cross-examine the prosecution's expert; breath machine facts and ways to challenge the results; and, even topics such as international travel of a client post-arrest. These topics and more and crucial to providing the best defense of a client, both before trial and at trial. It is important before trial, so that during any pre-trial conference your attorney can convince the prosecution of where they are weak in a case, and it is important at trial in order to show this to the judge or jury.

Not all lawyers spend countless days and weekends at such seminars, as it eats away at personal and family time, but the lawyers at The Toney Law Firm know that in order to make every day count and to provide the most effective legal advice and services, it is mandatory to learn and enhance these skills.

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