When Are DUI Arrests Most Likely To Happen?

With the rise of many anti-drunk driving groups across the United States, including Chicago, there has additionally been a crackdown on the number of drivers accused of being under the influence making their way home in the evening. Certain times of the day and night are particularly worse. Remember, that if you or a loved one are stopped for drunk driving, you have rights! Our DUI attorney explains when you may be stopped for drunk driving and what you can do if you find yourself arrested.

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When DUI Arrests Occur

According to a report in the RedEye, arrests for DUI are down from 2008, but they are still very prevalent. In fact, it was reported that there were 3,795 arrests were made last year for DUI. In the report, it was explained that increased punishments, like the Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) required for offenders and even requiring cameras in cars of repeat offenders, have helped lower the rate of arrests. It is also believed that the social stigma attached with a DUI arrest, as well as increased awareness of DUIs and use of designated drivers with younger individuals, has helped decrease the amount of arrests.

But the article offered more insight into DUI arrests than just information on their prevalence; it also explained that there are more prevalent times for DUI arrests. Specifically, it appears most DUI arrests occur between the night hours of 11 pm and 4 am. Further, we learned that most DUI arrests happened to individuals under age 35, with young men in the early 20's having the highest rate of arrest, and women accounting for one quarter of the arrests.

DUI arrests can lead to serious punishment, from the loss of your driving privileges to jail time and fines. Further, the arrest cannot be expunged and will follow you on your record all your life. It is important to know the statistics of who is being arrested, and when.

So when you go out for so social event the next time, be sure to watch the clock and drive safely in the late hours. You may find yourself stopped by law enforcement and accused of a crime! The Toney Law Firm, LLC is available 24 hours should an arrest happen in the late hours- give us a call as soon as possible!

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