Breathalyzer machines in cars are on the rise under new law

A new DUI law will go into effect January 1, 2016, impacting many individuals facing either a first offense of Driving Under the Influence or those with 2 convictions for the offense.

According to the new law will require that if an individual is convicted two times for DUI that they will also have to install the BAIID device, even if the two convictions are many years apart.

Further, under the new law, an individual who is convicted of a DUI that also resulted in serious injury will now have to install and use a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) in their car, even if they are a first-time offender. This means that you cannot drive your vehicle without breathing into the machine with alcohol-free breath to allow the car to turn on. Essentially, the BAIID device is like a breath test you must pass that is attached to your personal car.

Knowing the serious nature of a conviction for a DUI is essential when fighting your criminal case. It is one of many factors a person facing a DUI charge should take into consideration when deciding what level of defense they want to mount. It is crucial to discuss this with your attorney when handling your case.

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