Former Chicago Bear Richard Dent's Recent Speeding Offense Reminds Us of the Cost of Speeding

Often we see people pulled over and think, they just have been speeding or we are glad not to be the one getting the ticket. A ticket, we think, impacts our driving record. But what we sometimes fail to remember is that a speeding violation can cost more than a mark on your driving record, it can cost real money.

We recently saw in the news that former Chicago Bear Richard Dent was fined $924 for speeding at a rate over 100 miles per hour in a 55 mph speed zoned area on the Edens Expressway. In addition, he has to pay his lawyer and appear back in court.

Speeding is not such a simple blemish on the record. For most people, it can cost much more.
In Illinois, fines can be imposed for up to $2500 in some instances, and even include a criminal conviction, which is as serious as a DUI, for being caught traveling at speeds upwards of 26 over the limit.

It is very important, not only for your record but often for your pocketbook, to retain a lawyer and fight your case in court. With a lawyer you can challenge and provide a defense to the charges and allegations you are facing.
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