Arrested in River North

For the past 12 years, I've seen a certain fact pattern come up time and time again.

A person goes out in the River North (or Wrigleyville) area with friends or colleagues. They usually have a nice dinner and hit a few of the bars. All that's intended is a fun night out for work or with friends.

But then suddenly, this person finds themselves under arrest. Sometimes they've been drinking. Most times they have little-to-no criminal history. And they are shocked, upset, and worried about what will happen.

In most cases, the arrest stems from one of these things:

  • The bouncer at the door didn't want to let you in, but you snuck in anyway
  • The bouncer inside has asked you to leave, but you don't leave fast enough for his liking, or don't think you should have to leave
  • The bouncer forcefully tries to make you leave, and in that process you try to defend yourself

These sort of situations usually result in charges of Trespassing or Battery. Most of these cases are heard at Branch 29 at Belmont and Western.

While these charges should be taken seriously as they are punishable by possible jail time and could go on your criminal record, there is still good news. Having a good lawyer to advocate for you can change the landscape of your future. Some outcomes that we have been able to get for clients:

  • Finding of Not Guilty
  • Diversion program with no guilty plea or conviction on your record
  • The bar agrees to ask to dismiss charges against you

Everyone's situation will obviously have a different set of facts, but we are happy to talk to you for free about what happened in your case.

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