Weekend DUI Patrol Information

On Saturday, July 16 at 7:00 pm through Sunday, July 17 at 3:00 am, the Chicago Police Department will be conducting what they call a "DUI Strike Force Patrol" in the Near North 18th District. This covers an area south of Fullerton and near the Lake.

The DUI Strike Force involves roving, or moving, patrols and is intended to put a lot of police cars in one area so they may better catch people who are driving under the influence, speeding or not wearing their seat belt. On these weekends, the police will have a BAT Mobile Unit for breath testing in the district in order to quickly test people they've arrested for the presence of alcohol in their breath. In addition, the BAT mobile unit will be able to issue what are called "I-Bonds" also known as "recognizance bonds" where the person does not have to post any money to be released.

On July 9-10, the Chicago Police conducted a similar DUI Strike Force in the Albany Park 17th District Area. That resulted in 3 DUI arrests, and 61 total tickets issued for things like no insurance or driver's license, no seat belts, speeding and other traffic violations.

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