Wisconsin DUI with Illinois License

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If you get a DUI in Wisconsin but have an Illinois license, it is important you talk to an Illinois lawyer as well as a Wisconsin lawyer. Why do you need two lawyers? Because whatever happens in Wisconsin will get reported to Illinois and Illinois may take SEPARATE action against your driver's license. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re getting a good deal on your case in Wisconsin only to get a letter in the mail from IL Secretary of State a month later telling you that your license is revoked. This happens all the time and we get calls from scared, frustrated and angry people who didn’t know this was coming because they didn’t talk to an IL lawyer before finishing the case in Wisconsin. We can help you before your case in Wisconsin is over, so call us right after you call a Wisconsin lawyer.


  • Whatever happens in Wisconsin will get reported to Illinois.
  • Only Wisconsin can punish you for the crime (i.e. jail, fines, and your criminal background). Illinois cannot.
  • Both Illinois and Wisconsin can suspend or revoke your right to drive.


Wisconsin cases are different than Illinois because Wisconsin makes it a crime to refuse chemical testing (like the breathalyzer or a blood test). That means you can also get a DUI ticket for refusing.

Illinois does not have a crime of refusing the breathalyzer. So, if a refusal is reported to Illinois, you will get suspended for 1 year if it’s your first offense.


If you plead guilty or are found guilty of the DUI offense in Wisconsin, that will get reported to IL and IL will put a DUI conviction on your driving record which revokes your ability to drive. For a discussion of a revocation vs., a suspension, see our blog post HERE.


If Wisconsin suspends you, this only applies IN Wisconsin since you have an Illinois license. You will not be suspended anywhere else unless Illinois ALSO takes action, which would happen if either of the things mentioned above happens (a refusal or being guilty of the DUI).

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