Can I Avoid a DUI Checkpoint?

Police lights flashing

It's common to see a driving under the influence (DUI) checkpoint and not want to stop; however, many people don't know if they can avoid it safely because they wonder if there are legal consequences.

However, you can avoid DUI checkpoints as long as it’s legal to do so!

Turn Around
Law enforcement will randomly check drivers for possible intoxication at checkpoints, and if you had one or two drinks you might be a bit nervous. When this happens, is it legal to turn around?

In most cases, a driver is under no legal obligation to go through a DUI checkpoint. Therefore, you can turn around as long as you don’t break any traffic laws.

Law Enforcement Scrutiny
When someone turns away from a checkpoint, law enforcement will be watching them. If they see any sign of erratic driving, then they have established reasonable suspicion to stop the vehicle. Additionally, they can stop drivers who cross double yellow lines, fail to use their turn signals, or have broken taillights.

Disguising Checkpoints
There are certain things the police can do to prevent drivers from avoiding DUI checkpoints. One of the most popular is disguising them as a construction zone. When drivers approach, they see construction signs and orange cones. By the time a driver realizes they approaching a DUI checkpoint, there is no way they can avoid it.

If you have been detained or arrested at a checkpoint, you should immediately contact a Chicago DUI attorney at the Toney Law Firm. They will carefully analyze the details of your case and determine what you should so next.

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