Common DUI Myths Debunked

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We wanted to explain and debunk some of the most common DUI myths to help ensure you don’t get fooled. Many concerns surrounding DUIs can be answered straightforward, such as the penalties you face, or whether or not you lose your license.

However, some common myths have been circulating for years that we recommend you avoid.

I Feel Fine to Drive

When it comes to drinking, the first thing affected is your judgment. That being said, relying on the way you feel to decide whether or not to drive will likely end with you in the back of a police car. Authorities don’t care about how you “feel” when it comes to driving under the influence. Instead, they base their arrests on the evidence they have (bloodwork, breathalyzer results, etc.).

I’ll Just Refuse the Breathalyzer

Many people believe that refusing a breathalyzer test will ensure that the police have no evidence against them. While this is true in some cases, it is rarely helpful to your DUI case, as legislation works against someone who refuses a test by:

  • Using the refusal to help show a guilty conscience in court
  • Suspending the individual’s license for one year for a first offense and longer for any additional offenses

I Can Keep My License to Get to Work

While it is possible to keep your license following a DUI arrest, many people don’t know about the requirements that must be met first.

First Offense - For a first offense DUI, unless the DMV hearing is won, there is a mandatory 30-day period where your license is suspended before you can apply to receive a work permit.

Second Offense - The same rules apply for a second offense, except the 30-day period is increased to a mandatory 90-day period.

Each additional DUI after the second increases the license suspension period.

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