Chicago Area Roadblocks

Chicago Police and surrounding communities have a number of roadblocks set for this weekend.

Roadblocks are called "roadside safety checks" by the Chicago Police Department and are required to be publicized beforehand. And as many people know, St. Patrick's Day in Chicago is a big holiday for the bars. So, please be careful out there, and if you do drink more than you intend, please call a cab. It'll be much cheaper in the end. Here are a few roadblocks set for this weekend:

  • Chicago at Garfield & Prairie: Friday 8 pm through Saturday 4 am
  • Skokie at 5005 Dempster: Friday 11:15 pm through Saturday 3:15 am
  • Skokie at 8600 McCormick Blvd: Saturday 11:15 pm through Sunday 3:15 am
  • Skokie at 5200 Touhy Ave: Sunday at 11:15 pm through Monday 3:15 am

There will also be special roving patrols, or as Chicago Police Department calls it "DUI Strike Force Patrol" looking for impaired drivers on the streets in the following areas:

  • Chicago in the 20th District/Foster area on Saturday at 8:00 pm through 4 am Sunday
  • Wilmette added extra patrols March 14-March 17

Be safe and have a happy St. Patrick's Day!

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