Good luck to the Marathon Runners, and Be Safe Out There

This Sunday, October 13, 2013, is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. This is a fun, historic and active time in Chicago. Thousands of spectators come to watch and celebrate as the athletes and every-day people attempt to complete this difficult marathon they have trained all year for.

In the past, this has been a time to celebrate in Chicago, but given the sad events which occurred at the Boston Marathon, this year the Chicago Marathon will be marked with a new presence – increased police. The Chicago Police Department has made it clear that while no threat has been made, they will have undercover officers out throughout the city on the date of the marathon, as well as bomb-sniffing dogs. Further, they will be watching the marathon route closely from their video surveillance system.

While we appreciate their vigilance and dedication to protecting the runners and the spectators, we also want to remind people that while it will be a day for celebration, be careful and celebrate safely. The police will be out and they are watching. It is likely they will not tolerate activity that could rise to disorderly conduct. Here at The Toney Law Firm we represent clients on misdemeanor cases, such as disorderly conduct and failure to leave a bar. If you find yourself in trouble, The Toney Law Firm is available to help.

We at The Toney Law Firm are proud of all the runners in the marathon. We have family and friends who have run in the marathon and we appreciate the hard-work and stamina it takes to complete this difficult race. We will be supporting you and wishing you well this Sunday.

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