I Got Into An Accident, Should I Plead Guilty?

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Lets say you've just been in a car accident, and maybe it was your fault or maybe it wasn't. But either way, the police officer gives you a ticket for it. Most likely, it is for "failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident" or something similar. On your ticket, there's a court date and you are no able to just pay the ticket. So what do you do?

First, it is very important to know that this is more than a minor traffic ticket. What happens with this ticket can be used against you if the other driver, or someone else, sues you as a result of the accident. It is possible that if you simply plead guilty to this ticket, that guilty plea can be used against you in a civil suit for money about the accident.

Second, you should hire a lawyer. For a very reasonable fee, a lawyer can go with you to make sure you are protected. Even if (especially if) the accident was not your fault, it important that you protect yourself against future lawsuits. A person has up to 2 years to bring a lawsuit against you, so you could have gone to court and plead guilty over a year ago thinking you're in the clear, only to have a lawsuit later pop up.

Third, you want to protect your driving record. Too many moving violations can result in a suspended license. To minimize the impact to your driving record, it's smart to talk to an attorney who can talk to you specifically about your record and your history.

We make sure our clients are totally protected in these cases, and informed about their specific background so they can make the decision on what's best to do.

Recently in the news it was reported a man plead guilty to reckless driving as the result of an accident, but is now suing the police department saying they actually caused the accident he plead guilty to. In our opinon, the fact he plead guilty in the traffic case might hurt him in his civil case.

The last thing you want is for an accident you never expected to affect your financial future. Give us a call so that you are protected as best as you can be.

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